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FLPB Twistmag 2 Pack

£20 ( $30 / €26 ) RRP

• 14 ball total capacity
• Compatible with Tippmann TPX/TiPX and TCR markers
• Easy disassembly for cleaning
• Durable construction

The FLPB Twistmag is a dual channel 14round magazine compatible with any Tippmann TCR or TPX/TiPX pistol. A revolving cap at the top of the magazine shields one channel from the elements whilst allowing the user to load paintballs into the next. The user can remove the magazine; twist the revolving cap 180 degrees and reinsert the same magazine to stay in the game.

For this concept to work, a new magazine release actuator had to be designed and is included with every purchase of the FLPB Twistmag. This redesigned actuator replaces the existing magazine release actuator in your TPX/TiPX/TCR in a matter of minutes. This modification is non-permanent, allowing you to return your marker to its original state.

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